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DO NOT WORK FOR THIS COMPANY!!!!! They are shady! They will only give you clients if you kiss their *** and if you decide to get another job because you have to pay bills and they are hardly giving you any work they will take forever to give you your last check. Mine is only for 17 little dollars and it is taking me forever to get it. This is the Dayton/ Springfield area!!!! They will send you out before checking the clients home for bed bugs.... Read more

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I had interim health care to help strengthen my one leg while the other healed from surgery. That went fine. They discharged me until they were needed again. I now have a wound vac (through no fault of interim). I called interim yesterday and made an appt for the nurse to come, do the intake and change the dressing. I get a phone call a little while ago from my doctors office saying that interim was refusing to treat me because I have too many... Read more

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I was approved by my insurance company for 4 visits from a physical therapist and 4 from a nurse (who were both wonderful). Interim made me sign some authorization "in case" my insurance did not go through. One day out of the blue, my credit card bill with a zero balance, showed I owed $490. Interim charged it without telling me. There turned out to be some glitch with my insurance, which was worked out and I was assured my coverage was in... Read more

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The female DON, or case manager at the Interim Healthcare office located in Alsip, IL, is very rude to potential clients, and is dishonest and racist. The owner of this office need to be made aware that their case manager, DON, at this location is running away potential clients with good insurance who inquire about home nursing services. They tell you one thing over the phone, then after you fax medical records, she lie about several things.... Read more

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Terrible place supervisor picks and choose who to give jobs to no benefits rude people.

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Looking for a job? Stay away from Interim (at least if you're looking in the SE portion of VA).....this branch knows nothing about running a company and I seriously wonder about their longevity in this area....the management is horrible and the turnover rate is HIGH! I have never worked for a more chaotic, unorganized, and dysfunctional company in my life....They say they want to train you and their version of training is watching a month worth... Read more

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I have been Billy with home health care agencies for 14 years now and I'm here to tell you that every single one of them are exactly the same they all care about profit over people and that's all there is to it my wife actually works for an agency and when they past the low requiring home healthcare agency's to pay overtime they all stop giving them well my wife's agency gave them the choice to drop back down to minimum wage and then they... Read more

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Over a year ago I signed on with these people. My contract stated they would take me shopping and 6 months later they refuse because of insurance reasons. I gave them specific hours to be at my home and months later they they changed my hours which conflicted with other things I do against my approval and protest. They constantly changed aides on me which meant I had to reteach them everything or send them home. I had one aide tell me what she... Read more

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First of all I would like to praise the nurse Mr. Secker, and the P.T. Mr. Ballmon for their professional work ethic. I must admit if it wasn't for them i would've changed agencies. From the "assessment "of the first nurse, to the late call of an O.T., to calling the office and waiting 14 minutes to cancel..their services are no longer needed are just some questionable moments. Except for the two staff above mentioned, I my experience with this... Read more

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Employee of Interim Healthcare; the communication between the office workers to the aides as well as the clients and their families are very poor. Inconsiderate to clients when filling specific hours. If they can't or are too lazy to find someone to fill the clients specified hours, they will move the hours to adjust to whatever the first aide to try and fill in is available for; which might not be the time the clients needs nor wants. Clients... Read more

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